Migraines, and reducing medication

I have suffered from frequent migraines since childhood and over the years have needed to take increasing amounts of medication (painkillers and daily preventatives) to cope on a day-to-day basis. Deciding that this was not sustainable for me in the long term, I wanted to try a more holistic approach and went to see Fletcher based on a recommendation. Right away he impressed me with his professionalism and reassuring manner. Since starting regular acupuncture sessions with Fletcher, my migraines are no longer debilitating and I have been able to stop taking the daily preventative medication. My quality of life has improved hugely and I am confident that this is entirely due to Fletcher's treatments and advice.

Caroline, aged 44, Accountant, Bristol

Stress, anxiety, IBS, migraine, insomnia

Having been a long term sufferer from stress and anxiety and not wishing to address this with prescribed medicines I sought out Fletcher for treatment. Within a few weeks I started to feel better, my symptoms had been IBS and migraines, general anxiety and poor sleep. This is all now much improved and is getting better week on week. Fletcher is very caring and considerate and is very accurate in his diagnosis and has made a big difference to my life in the short while I have been under his care.

Mr C, aged 50, IT Manager, St George, Bristol

Panic attacks, stress, hay fever

I had a little knowledge of the wonders of acupuncture from family members so when I started to have panic attacks related to stress it was time to seek treatment. After a consultation with Fletcher I found out that not only could he treat my condition, he could treat everything else that was wrong with me. I've had bad hay fever since a child and dread the Spring and Summer months. After a month or so of treatment I was feeling a lot better and my hay fever was more or less totally gone. It's totally changed my life. It's miraculous.

Jonathan, aged 41, S.Wales

Throat pulsations, stress

I was diagnosed with a rare throat condition several years ago, and was told unfortunately there was no cure. Reluctant to be on medication for the rest of my life, I decided to turn to alternative therapies. My condition is exacerbated by stress and I found that acupuncture really helped to reduce my stress levels and in turn it eliminated the symptoms of my condition. Before treatment I felt tired, drained and trapped by the cycle of my illness. Now it does not impact on my daily life and I feel energized, less stressed and very happy.

Miss J, aged 30, HR Manger

Stomach pain, nausea, anxiety

Before I met Fletcher I was at my wits end. I was suffering from a mysterious stomach condition that doctors and medicine couldn't fix. I was unable to eat anything at all without being physically sick, and after 3 months it was beginning to affect me mentally. I'd never tried acupuncture before and was understandably sceptical, but i credit Fletcher solely for my recovery. I am about to go back to work again after 4 months off. I'm starting to feel normal again. Thank you!

Anna, 27, Employment Advisor, Bristol

Headaches, stress

I first went to Fletcher because I was suffering from headaches and stress. I was amazed from the very start, by the immediate effects that were achieved with acupuncture. Fletcher's approach is highly focused and professional and the results have been far better than I had expected. I find each session relaxing and have seen a radical drop in my stress levels since starting the course of acupuncture.

Mr M, age 44, Teacher, Long Ashton

Hay fever

After many years with hay fever I found over the counter medicine working less and less. After just 3 sessions of acupuncture I had no symptoms. I now have regular sessions to boost my immune system and this has helped my overall well being. The whole experience is very relaxing and pain free and a more natural way of overcoming ailments. The sessions themselves are very informal and I find Fletcher is interested in your circumstances as well as your physical problems -ie work family life that can effect your well being.

Mr A, aged 40, Operations Director

Migraines, stress, energy,

Before meeting Fletcher i was fairly sceptical about acupuncture. however having had treatment for about eight months now I am a real convert! I have suffered very frequent migraines for ten years and the acupuncture has gone a long way to getting rid of them. The sessions provide me with a huge amount of energy and are very good at relieving stress. I would highly recommend.

Tom, aged 24, Teacher

Back injury, hay fever, sciatica, general wellbeing

I have received treatment for a number of ailments including: back injuries (from sports), hay fever, sciatica, together with my general wellbeing. I have found Fletcher's acupuncture to remedy all my ailments within a session or two.

Mr S, Project Engineer, Bristol

Severe stress

I have found Fletcher's treatments very helpful through a period of severe stress. My physical energy has improved, I sleep better and feel generally more grounded and able to cope with daily life.

Ms J, Counsellor, Bristol

Stopping smoking, sleep, anxiety, hip pain

I initially attended acupuncture sessions to get help with giving up smoking and have found it very useful in doing so. In addition there have been some ancillary benefits including an improvement in quality of sleep and a reduction in anxiety levels. I have also had a beneficial reduction in irritation from a recurring hip problem. The sessions are prompt, professional and are conducted in a relaxed friendly atmosphere.

Damien, aged 35, Research Scientist, Bristol


My son was almost crippled with IBS and had very poor quality of life when referred to Fletcher. Since being treated he has slowly become able to live an entirely normal life again, eating well, playing sport and enjoying life. He is now a thriving, growing, healthy teenager for which I am most grateful and relieved. Many thanks.

M.F. (for: male, aged 14, Bristol)

Shoulder and neck pain, headaches, recurring kidney infections

The acupuncture sessions eased the shoulder/neck pain and headaches which were the reason I went to Fletcher for treatment. However more useful, and unexpected, was Fletcher's holistic approach which helped give me the confidence to (safely) stop taking long-term medication for a minor kidney complaint. I found the sessions very relaxing; they made me feel calmer and gave me a stronger sense of well being. I would happily recommend trying this treatment.

Louise, aged 38, Bristol

Sense of smell, persistent cold symptoms, energy

When I first went to see Fletcher, I had been for over three months suffering cold symptoms: stuffy nose, tiredness and lack of sense of smell. I had tried all sorts of inhalers, nasal sprays, steroids, but the symptoms kept coming back. After my first session with Fletcher I, almost immediately, recovered my sense of smell. The day after though I was again stuffy and tired. After the second session the results were mild, but I could feel things were moving. I was getting a bit better every day. I think the third session was the best. I felt as if my batteries were recharged. I felt full of energy and feeling a lot better; and even had my sense of smell back! I have been for a top up session the following month, and if I could afford it I would definitely do it as an ongoing preventive therapy. Thanks so much, Fletcher. I'll definitely visit again!

Olga, aged 29, Bristol

Tennis elbow, tendonitis, menopause, general wellbeing

I have been amazed at the way in which acupuncture has completely cured tennis elbow where physio was struggling! I have also noticed improvements to tendonitis and can sleep more easily due to less discomfort. Then, of course, there are the symptoms of the menopause which have been effectively controlled and have allowed me to cope without the use of any Western medications. Having attended acupuncture sessions over 2 years I know that it significantly contributes to my overall health and wellbeing.

Heather, aged 55, Bristol

Pain, high blood pressure, breathlessness, skin condition

A total sceptic of acupuncture, but being in great pain, I followed a friend's recommendation of Fletcher's treatments. To my total amazement, the pain I was experiencing disappeared following my first treatment. My high blood pressure also lowered immediately, and Fletcher has considerably helped my breathlessness. Even my skin texture has improved! Following six pain-free weeks, I completely recommend Fletcher and his acupuncture treatments.

Christine, Bristol

Energy, clarity, general wellbeing, stopping smoking

A couple of good friends had suggested how beneficial they had found acupuncture. I decided I'd give it a go and have been lucky to find Fletcher! I am being treated for something in particular but have found that so many areas and energies have been revived. I've found the whole experience like an important and rejuvenating journey. After a couple of months I feel like a new person with a greater clarity (I've even quit smoking!). Fletcher is a wonderful practitioner who is quick to put one at ease and has a skill of honing into potential problem areas. He is considerate of areas such as work and home life, which so often subconsciously affect us and our wellbeing. A really wonderful experience! Everyone should give it a go.

Clare, aged 37, Teacher

High blood pressure, IBS, neck pain

I first met Fletcher on a 'well-being day' arranged by the school where I teach. I had a taster session and was somewhat surprised when I was NOT asked where I had any pain or discomfort but was informed by Fletcher what my health issues were - all defined by looking at my tongue, feeling my pulse and feet! I decided to follow up this with a 1.5 hour first session. During this appointment a full summary of my past and current health issues were discussed fully. My main area of concern has been raised blood pressure for which I was being treated, and had been for about 4 years, by my doctor. I was prescribed one tablet a day and had regular monitoring visits - the readings varied from visit to visit. I worked with Fletcher to gradually reduce the tablet intake. This was continually monitored by Fletcher and I also bought a home device too. I am delighted to say my blood pressure is normal now and I am off all tablets. I have also received successful treatment for IBS, stiffness in the shoulders - probably due to a stressful job - as well as sinus treatments when suffering from the occasional cold. I can't speak too highly of Fletcher, his patience, knowledge and treatment over the past year gave me peace of mind and I have every confidence in him.

Mrs C, Teacher, Bristol

Back pain, painful and stiff knees

I am most grateful for the treatment that I have received from Mr Kovich. I have had a most painful back and knees for a long period of time, especially pain from the knees. Needless to add I am very relieved to be free from pain after just a few treatments.

Brenda, aged 77, Near Bristol

Improved energy, relaxation

Since having treatments my symptoms have improved and my energy levels have increased. I lead a busy lifestyle and look forward to my sessions. Afterwards I feel completely relaxed, but full of energy too.

Miss Jackson, aged 28, Hairdresser, Clifton

Aching legs, Muscular problems, Energy, Breathing

I found treatment for aching legs very beneficial, also for damaged thigh muscles. Energy also improved for short periods. Breathing also improved.

Brian, Bristol, aged 77, Retired