My qualifications

I trained at the South West College of Oriental Medicine. On graduation I was awarded a Licentiate Diploma in Acupuncture. The course was a three year fulltime course, and is at the same level as a degree.

Subjects studied at Licentiate Diploma level

While studying at the college, I completed 400 hours of clinical training, which consisted of treating clients and discussing cases with colleagues. I also studied every aspect of Traditional Chinese Medicine, including the functions of all our internal organs, the theories concerning the development and treatment of all the common diseases (and many that are not so common), and the location and function of over 300 acupoints. While at the college, I also trained in the Western medical sciences, including living anatomy, physiology (the functioning of the body), pathology (the study of disease mechanisms), and pharmacology (the use of drugs and their effects). The course also included training in Shiatsu and Tai Chi, in order to engender the energetic awareness that is necessary to be able to give effective acupuncture treatments.

Migraine and headache research project

In my final year at the college I conducted a research project, investigating the acupuncture treatment of migraine and headache. The study was largely concerning the method that we use to select the acupoints used in the treatment of migraine, and it gave me a great insight into the acupuncture treatment of headache and migraine.

Other training

In order to enhance my own healing energy, I have also trained in Reiki and have been practicing Tai Chi for many years.

Acupuncure research

I have published several research papers on acupuncture, and also several text books and articles on Traditional Chinese Medicine acupuncture.