Details of fees

Treatment sessions normally last up to 45 minutes. My fee for these sessions is £45.

The first acupuncture consultation

The first session usually lasts about one hour. This enables me to take your complete case history, form my diagnosis and give you your first treatment (see What happens in a consultation?). The fee for this session is £55.

Reduced fee for your first six treatments

If you pay in advance for your first six weekly treatments (payment is made at the end of your first treatment), then I would only charge £235 for these six treatments. The first six treatments would usually cost £280, which means that you would be receiving six treatments for the price of five.

In return for this extra discount, I would ask you to agree to the following:

  • All the appointments are booked in advance (at the end of the first treatment).
  • Appointments may be rescheduled, but only if you can give at least one full week’s notice (this would enable me to then rebook that slot for another patient).
  • The fee is non-refundable (so that, if you should decide to not take the full six treatments, then you would not expect any part of your payment to be refunded).
  • If any of the appointments are cancelled with less than one full week’s notice (for whatever reason, including sickness), or if any appointment is missed, then you would forfeit the fee for that session and it may not be rescheduled. (If you were to miss an appointment in this way, this would prevent me from working in that time-slot, which involves a loss of income for me, and also I would still be liable to pay the room rental fee, so I hope that you can understand why I would not be able to refund your payment for the missed session. However, in effect, you would still only have paid £235 for 5 treatments, which is the usual full price for 5 treatments.)

Payment methods

In order to keep costs down, I do not currently have the facilities to take payment by credit or debit cards. I can only take payments by cheque or cash.