How acupuncture works

How Acupuncture Works

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Most common conditions and symptoms are caused by our main organs adopting subtle malfunctions caused by the day to day stresses of life.

There is a resonance between each organ and tracts of tissue around our body (these tracts are called the meridians). And when an organ malfunctions in the above way, this resonance causes certain locations along that organ’s related meridian to feel tender when pressed. This tenderness (or other symptoms, such as muscular or joint pain, redness, boils, and so on) is merely a reflection of the stress in the related organ. When one of these tender locations is needled, this causes the local tissue to release its stress and return to normal function. Due to the same resonance between the related organ and this specific location, this prompts the organ to also release its stress and return to normal function, at which point the previous symptoms clear, since the organ is no longer stressed.

This process happens during the treatment session, usually within seconds. This explains why most people feel unusually relaxed after a treatment. Previously, they were used to living in a stressed state, with (often) several of their main organs having been stressed for years. Once this organ stress is released, and the person feels “normal” again, this state of normality can feel euphoric to many people, simply because they had forgotten what it was like to feel normal.

After the first treatment, this state of normality may only last for a day or so, when the person’s organs then start to adopt the previous stresses again. But after each successive treatment, these benefits last longer, until you may go for weeks between treatments, without becoming stressed again. The length of time between treatments, depends on each person, on the stress in your life, on how good you are at avoiding thought patterns that cause this type of organ stress, and on other lifestyle factors. During a course of treatments, I usually discuss all these factors and tell each patient which factors in their life are causing their particular organ stress.

For a more detailed description of acupuncture, please see my book: Acupuncture Explained. The book is aimed at the general reader, and explains every aspect of an acupuncture treatment, all the symptoms that can occur when each organ is stressed, and also the mental and emotional aspects of the organs, and how these mental factors are also able to produce stress in the organs.