Enso Healing Rooms

190 Cheltenham Road, Bristol BS6 5RB.

The Enso Healing Rooms is run in partnership with the Enso Martial Arts shop near the railway arches. The Healing Rooms are contained in an extension behind the building.

The Healing Rooms are reached via the Enso Martial Arts shop door; or, when the shop is closed in the evenings, via the back door. To get to the back door, walk along Cheltenham Lane (opposite Brookfield Road), turn right and follow the lane. You will see the sign for the Enso Healing Rooms. At the back door, ring the bell and I, or one of the other practitioners, will let you in and show you to the waiting area.

Where to park

Enso Healing Rooms

In front of the shop, parking is restricted between 4pm and 6.30pm. Outside of these times, you may park on the single yellow lines on either side of Cheltenham Road. If there are no spaces, or at the restricted times, you should be able to find spaces in one of these nearby roads:


If you get lost on the way, please phone me for directions, though please note that I will only be able to answer your call if I am not with a client at the time:

mobile phone: 07939 843 969